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The following are questions that might be posed to individuals both within and external to the organization who are interviewed as part of the self-assessment process.

The purpose of the interview is to add the dimension of personal experience to the information gleaned from the questionnaire and to identify unexplored areas. While many of these questions are covered in the questionnaire, additional insights will be obtained as the interviewees address these questions in terms of their experience and the context of their jobs.

Along with data reported in the questionnaire, these answers will help your organization assess its overall cultural competence and identify steps for action. These questions may be supplemented by others suggested by the committee. Also, interviewees may wish to discuss other aspects of diversity and/or share written materials with you.

SUGGESTED INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (select those questions which you feel add value to the information you have gathered in the Organization Assessment Tool)

*(Acknowledgment is given to Deborah Dwork, Employee Relations Director, Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare organization, Boston, MA, who developed many of the above questions for use in its self-assessment.)