How To Assess

Agencies can use various methods to assess Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness, including:

  • Assessment Tools (usually in the form of organization survey questionnaires)
  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Consumer Focus Groups
  • Provider Surveys
  • Provider Focus Groups

Organization assessment tools offer an overview of the organization’s Cultural and Linguistic Responsive services infrastructure and the actual services. Such tools offer a starting point from which to pursue questions in greater depth or issues that cannot be addressed through a questionnaire alone. The results from the organization assessment tools may identify questions to explore informally or formally with plan staff, Limited English Proficiency members, and providers.

Surveys and focus groups with members from diverse cultures who may speak languages other than English and network providers offer a perspective that an organization assessment tool does not capture.

Assessment Tools

Several assessment tools are available to assist agencies, department and organizations in evaluating Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness. Some tools assess linguistic competency, while others have a broader focus and evaluate both Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness.

Agencies may choose one of several approaches when selecting assessment tools. Agencies may complete one tool or complete a combination of tools. Agencies may select questions relevant to linguistic competency from a comprehensive Cultural and Linguistic Responsive assessment tool. The discussion may depend on the dimensions of Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness the agency is most interested in assessing and the level of detail desired. Each assessment tool is unique.

Factors to consider when selecting assessment tools:

Before selecting an assessment tool, the agency should first explore their expectations for a tool. Some factors to consider when selecting assessment tools include:

  • the Target Group to be assessed
  • the Purpose of the assessment
  • the Length of Survey
  • Distinguishing Characteristics of the tool
  • The language and reading level of the tool?

The Mancini Method Curriculum provides our own assessment tools that were developed by industry professionals to specifically measure the needs of healthcare providers.